Dave Wright – Overnight Success


Its mid-Aug and I’m able to get out for a few overnighters  so I decide to look at an area of my club lake and pre bait to give me as much of a  chance as possible,  I decided after walking around the lake for a few hours after work and after looking at the forecast I would settle for a swim and part of the lake I’ve not spent a lot of time at, but it just looks spot on.

I not only bet on a new area of the lake, but also after dropping a few good fish I decided to change from the necked chod set up that’s done me so well on this venue, to a supple boom section hinged set up so I’m still able to present a pop up that will gentle sit on top of any short weed but I’m able to up the hook size and be able to put a little more pressure on any fish that tires to head for the thick weed beds that are all over this lake.


The first night is fantastic with 3 low 20lb carp banked all from one pre baited spot and with great hook holds, I’m buzzing! The first fish came at around 10.30pm and was a very pretty Linear followed less than an hour later by a very dark Common at 20lb, but again a stunning dark fish with a right paddle on it. The rest of the night passes and as I wake at around 5am watching the day break my middle rod rips off again – after a short fight I am looking into my net at another cracking looking common and this one at 23lbs was the biggest.

I head back down that night for my second overnighter and as the swim is free and I had popped around 3kg of bait out before I left I drop back in and get all 3 rods out quickly, set up my brolly and the kettle goes on before I get in my sleeping bag for the night. At around midnight my middle rod is away but after a few minutes playing a hard fighting fish the hook pulled and I was left standing looking out into the dark wishing I could rewind time. The rest of the night passes and I find myself packing away in the rain feeling somewhat deflated.


So a week has passed and I’m back to the lake a day later than planned due to the swim being taken but with conditions looking good I’m set up and fishing as I sit with a cuppa watching the water. Before I hit the sack for the night I see two fish roll close to both my left and middle spots so I feel confident for a fish or two, but as I wake and its light my heart sinks as I realise its morning I’ve had a great night’s sleep and no fish! As I lay in my bed thinking I need to get up and pack down my middle rod melts off and after teasing the fish out of a thick weed bed and my other rods being wiped out it’s in the net and I take a moment to relax. After unhooking the mint looking dark common that we believe hasn’t been on the bank before I then treat its hook hold and weigh the fish that spins the scales round to only 18lb, but the fact its a cracking fish I’m very happy.

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