Matt Miller

I am mainly a boilie person in spring and back end of autumn, with a mixture of more particle and boilie in the warmer months.

I like to find spots that I am able to fish a bottom bait to, I rarely use pop ups, if I do its mainly for casting to showing fish, a swim I have not fished before or a single hookbait approach.

My most memorable season was the 2015/16 season, over at the Essex Manor, where I fished from May to October – landing 48 fish with 12 of them over the 40lb Mark! Fishing the Essex Manor allowed me to land my most memorable catch aswell, being the fish known as ‘Stella’ at 48lbs!

I also have alot of time and love for park lake fishing, which is what is spent most of my youth doing. The fish may not be as big in the park lakes, but every one of the fish have their own characteristics and i find it very exciting and rewarding.

This season i have spent the warmer months on RK Leisure – Kingsmead 1. Managing to catch a big variety of mixed strain fish, with some lovely ‘Sutton’ fish going up to 45.08.

NAME: Matt Miller

HOME: Dagenham, Essex

PROF: Heating Engineer

PB: UK 48lb ABROAD: 71.10lb

FAV BAIT: Fishmeal or whatever i believe is working on the water at the time

FAV WATER: Chilham Mill and Essex Manor

TOP TIP: Be mobile, keep it simple and use a bait you have 100% confidence in.

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