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Maximum performance and ultimate convenience of shorter pack down length.
The INSURGENT RECON offers a serious alternative to traditional 12ft 2-piece carp rods and has the credentials to prove it.

We are confident that the performance of these rods will challenge your expectations about what is possible with compact retractable-butt carp rod design. RECON technology utilises a double retractable butt section and combines this with our new VARI-TAPER™ joint construction to produce rods that both look and perform like their 2-section predecessors.

INSURGENT RECON rods also incorporate our multi-directional tip section carbon lay-up further enhancing tip speed and accuracy.



  • High Modulus Toray carbon blank
  • Lite-ply 1K armoured carbon weave throughout
  • Multi-directional tip section carbon lay-up
  • VARI-TAPER™ joint construction
  • Super-light M-SERIES DL black guides
  • 50mm distance guide pattern with anti-frap tip
  • 18mm Black DPS reel seat
  • Slim Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Black anodised butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo
  • 12ft transport length 127cm (50”)
Code AC0011 Description: INSURGENT RECON 12′ 3.00LB RRP: £179.99
Code AC0012 Description: INSURGENT RECON 12′ 3.25LB RRP: £184.99
Code AC0013 Description: INSURGENT RECON 12′ 3.50LB RRP: £189.99

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    Steven Elmes

    Awesome rods I have the 12ft 3lb tc. And they can easily ping a pva bag rig 150+yards. The have a lovely bit of action aswell when playing a fish. I’m so glad I made the switch for my full size rods to the insurgent recons they give you confidence and mobility with the really small pack down size.

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