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The Sonik SKX takes bite alarm performance to a new level. With twin bright 5mm multi-colour LEDs you can choose your preferred colour combination. The intelligent mute function allows you to quickly, conveniently and silently adjust indicators or line tightness and will automatically re-arm the alarm after 30 seconds. The intuitive control system is quick and simple to operate and the 3+1 set comes complete with protective alarm covers and removable snag ears. Fully weatherproof design and protected electronics ensure these alarms keep performing through the harshest of conditions.

The included bivvy light also has a host of features with six different delay and brightness settings. It can function completely independently as a standard bivvy light or when synchronised with the alarm heads provides an extra level of illumination. Each alarm can also be assigned a colour channel so that you instantly recognise which alarm head has been triggered and perfect placement is easy with both hook or magnetic bivvy attachment plate.


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  • Twin Multi-colour LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White)
  • Six Sensitivity Levels
  • Seven Volume and Tone settings (including silent mode)
  • One-touch intelligent mute function
  • Silent start up
  • 2.5mm power out socket
  • Forward and backward drop back indication
  • Colour select night glow LED function
  • Low battery warning
  • Up to 150m range
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Double sealed case and rod friendly rubber inlays
  • Supplied with 2 screw in snag ears and slip on protective cover



Receiver Specification

  • 4 Channels, Red-Yellow-Green-Blue
  • Dedicated LED for drop back indication
  • 3-Modes (Light + Sound) (Light + Vibro) (Light + Sound + Vibro)
  • Auto Alarm head tone matching
  • Silent start up
  • Low battery warning
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Built-in Torch function
  • Lanyard attachment point
  • Up to 150m range
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Supplied with table top cradle holster

Bivvy Light Specification

  • Manual on/off mode or automatic illumination mode when alarm triggered
  • Six colour channels (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White)
  • Supplied with magnetic or hook bivvy attachment
  • Brightness adjustment (6 levels)
  • Delay adjustment (6 modes)
  • Low battery warning
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries

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  1. Kelvin Harper

    Part 1: got my alarms today very impressed. Already using MK1 alarms already and in my opinion have a lot to live up to. These alarms look amazing and any tackle tart would be happy with them.setting them up was simple and instructions easy to follow. Great having the anti-theft on them. receiver now comes with a lanyard which on the old receiver never had. Not to sure about the stand can see that being left on the bank one weekend lol. Nice new option of colour change option and agin looks good in all colours. Receiver also now as torch mode which is a nice little touch. Last thing to say is snag ears brilliant and covers also. Part 2 to follow after a 48 hrs.

  2. Kelvin Harper

    Part 2- used them all over the winter never had any issues. Awoke to pools frozen over but alarms worked fine.snagg ears have came I handy for a couple of runs too. Just can not fault them recommend them to everyone.

  3. Jon Strudwick

    Look like a great bit of kit was easy to pair alarms with receiver and light can’t wait to use on the bank. Did mess about with receiver and was super impressed with it only went about 50m but was brick walls and windows inbetween and still worked

  4. Graham Jones

    looks 10/10 a lot of good features that you would expect from alarms costing a lot more than these the bivvy light is good would of preferred it to be rechargeable but so good i bought the 4th alarm from sonik for the wife which also connect to the bivvy light absolutely fantastic set anyone looking for a new set of alarms wont go wrong with these

  5. John Hanson

    Have been using the alarms for about 2 months and very happy with them. Really like the silent set up mode nothing worse than constant bleeping. One fault is the protective cases supplied are to loose and don’t hold alarms firmly. Otherwise would recommend them as great alarms and have used them in driving rain no problem and for the price are value for money

  6. joseph newman


  7. Mike

    Fantastic alarms, i would like to buy an extra single one so when
    fishing with my Dad we can have 2 rods each (all Sonik with Sonik reels) all on the one receiver.
    Sonik is an excellent brand i have used them for well over 10 years and
    my sea rods are also sonik.

  8. Akirroh

    The only problem is that I can’t find to buy a extra single one.

  9. Duncan Carbury

    Been using a set of these for both carping and picking and worked really well for both. Drop back indication is good for both types of fishing. Would like to be able to add a 4th indicator to my set but don’t seem to be able to buy a single indicator. The receiver has the capability but can’t find singles anywhere.

    • Sonik Sports

      Hi Duncan, the single unit for the SKX range is actually available next month (June) – hope that helps.

  10. Darren

    Great alarms love the mute function.
    Also any news on buying a single one, my local shop had one on order for ages now

  11. William Hutchison

    Hi got my alarms today very impressed look forward to using them . Where do I get the matching bobbins

  12. Mick Goodliffe

    Got mine today, easy to set up, impressive looks, if they perform half as good as they look it will be amazing, will keep you posted

  13. Matt Hague

    Had these alarms for about a year now having had the sks’s for 3yrs. All i can say is they are brilliant, fished with them in all weathers never let me down. Packed with easy to use features. I would and have highly recommended them to others on various carp forums I’m on

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