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A ground-breaking new range of top quality shore rods that have had extensive research, development and testing with some of the UK’s leading shore match anglers.

Utilising only the very best materials and components, we are confident we have developed a winning range of rods that will set a new benchmark for shore anglers around the UK.

With three rods in the range, each rod is specifically designed for a particular purpose and will cover the vast majority of species caught and locations fished around the UK.

The Fuji KWAG Series guides work fine with both fixed spool or multiplier reels and the custom Sonik slide-lock reel seat means you can fish either reel up or down the butt, as required.

Product Code Model Length Rating
ZX200G13 ZX SHORE ROD 13’5” 4-6oz
ZX225G13 ZX SHORE ROD 13’5” 5-7oz
ZX225G14 ZX SHORE ROD 14’5” 5-7oz

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  • Japanese Toray carbon fibre blanks with powerful casting actions
  • Fuji KWAG Series guides, ideal for multiplier or fixed spool
  • Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • Custom Sonik ‘slide-lock’ reel seat for reel up or down the butt
  • Full under and over whip tyings with stunning metallic blue and silver tippings
  • Metal reinforcement ring at top of butt section with laser etched Sonik logo
  • Supplied in hardwearing protective cordura rod case for safe transportation

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  1. Asa Mitchell

    I have both the zx200g and the zx225g and what can I say both the rods perform excellently in every situation I have put them through on the Northumberland coastline.
    From super rough ground filled with kelp to the clean sandy beaches both have performed as they should.
    The action in the cast is powerful but flexible enough to place a bait where it’s needed to be placed.
    The finish and design of the rods are very eye catching from the graphics down to the whippings on the eyes.
    The EVA handle gives plenty of grip in all situations even when hands are covered in slimey bait juice or when the handles soaking from the winter rain on a cold night in Northumberland.
    Even the bag is a very good quality piece plenty of padding.
    The one thing for me is the handle is very difficult to take off and turn around as under the plug of the rod there is a slight bulge of the EVA but nothing a little washing up liquid can sort to slide it off and on it’s just when using a multiplier the thread of the reel seat feels funny when gripping the rod.
    But all in all I love the rods and for the price it will out perform and even be on par with other more expensive brands.

  2. john walker

    without doubt one of the most underrated rods on the market the balance , bite registration ,casting ability as well as the finish and fittings far superior to other rods at this price point and far above in terms of value against some other brands . the only problem i have found is making time to use it more than i have looking forwards to posting some video footage of the rod in action in the coming weeks .

  3. Ben Driver

    After first purchasing this rod around November I was very disappointed for the tip to snap before the 4th use. Was swiftly replaced by Sonik and now all I can say is I have fallen In love with the Zx 225g once again to the stage I’m likely to buy another.

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