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Hugely popular since their launch, the VADERX rods offer incredible performance and looks for the price.

The slim and lightweight carbon fibre blanks have a progressive casting action and fast tip recovery for long, accurate casts.

Finished with a full Japanese slim shrink handle, custom SONIK reel seat and line clip, lightweight black SIC guides with anti-frap tip and laser etched butt cap, these rods are hard to beat at any price.

Code SVXCR06 Description VADERX CARP ROD 10’ 3.00lb RRP £44.99
Code SVXCR01 Description VADERX CARP ROD 12’ 2.75lb RRP £49.99
Code SVXCR02 Description VADERX CARP ROD 12’ 3.00lb RRP £49.99
Code SVXCR03 Description VADERX CARP ROD 12’ 3.25lb RRP £49.99
Code SVXCR04 Description VADERX CARP ROD 12’ 3.50lb RRP £49.99
Code SVXCR05 Description VADERX CARP ROD 13’ 3.50lb RRP £54.99
Code SVXSM Description VADERX SPOD + MARKER HYBRID ROD 12’ 4.50lb RRP £59.99

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  • Slim, lightweight matt black carbon fibre blank with progressive casting action
  • Double leg black SIC guides and anti-frap tip
  • 50mm butt guide on 12ft 3lb T/C and above
  • Fold friendly ringing pattern
  • 17mm black DPS reel seat to house all big pit reels
  • Line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip
  • Slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip
  • Black anodised butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo

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    Craig Brown

    Purchased 3 3.25 TC last week and I have to say i’m very impressed with the action! I love the detail of these rods as well as there a reasonable price. Well done Sonik!

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    Received x3 3.50lb for my birthday, I have to say I love the look of these rods. I can’t wait to go out fishing!

  3. Avatar

    Robert Smith

    Just purchased 3 of the 10 footers for my syndicate water. Only 4 acres with lots of overhanging trees so no big chucks required. Haven’t used them yet, but initial impressions are of a well made rod with a nice action. Very light, which is what I was after. Looking forward to giving them a try next week, and my daughter can use them when we go to France in July. Seem perfect for what I want them to do.

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    Northern wallster

    Had these rods bought me for my birthday 3.5 lb test Curve or some rods I’m putting these rocks on my syndicate water 160 yards Plus very impressed they look really good on the bank and look really expensive very good job sonik

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    John Glasscoe

    Just used my new 10 footer today for some floater fishing. It was a joy to use. A lot of fun to play fish on. Really classy looks. I use Gravity X for my main rods but I think I’ll get another 10 footer to have a pair for smaller waters.

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    I’ve had the sk4 rods since day one and no one could change my mind about the rods until I say the Vader x comes out now I have 3 Vader x rods and the marker and spod and I can say with my hand on my heard I wouldn’t change the rods at all but I’ve still got the sk4 rods and will be keeping them, I think sonik is the one for me, I’ve even got 5 Sonik Vader Big pits just to match all the rods, and the net, the only thing I haven’t got yet is the sonik alarms with the light, but will hopefully be getting them soon before I go France in September, but I can say I’ve never had a problem with the rods from casting to fighting a fish and even the sk-tex bivvy is spot on.

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    Bought some of the 3.5TC vaders are few months ago, and have to say, the quality, action and price for these is outstanding. Have always been a sonik user, but now it’s all I’ll use. Had some sks rods before these, and these are better imo.

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    Had a mate who bought the vader X and couldn’t fault them in anyway for the money since I bought 3 x 3lb tc must say they are the best rods for the money I have ever used and now tempted to buy 3 x 3.5tc for longer range lovely rods cant wait to see the new bite alarms now

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    Bought one of these rods in the 12ft 3lb test curve version so that I get the 50mm ring and it is a lovely carp rod for the money, it looks stunning glistening in the sunshine on the bank, The only gripe I have is that the built in line clip is in the wrong place because I keep catching my finger on it while playing a fish, its just annoying as it is distracting from the fight with the fish!

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    Hello..I have vader x 12′ 3,5 lb..the rods are beatifull in any way…just perfect for me..I did not lose fish vile I have vader x..they are best rods for tha money value…sonik is the best..now I bought bivvy sonik sk-tek 2 man with overwrap ans evrething,and I am so pleased and happy..cant wait to sleep in it,..sonik is the best they give you quality dor your money..thanks sonik..

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    Got the 12′ 2.75tc and they are brilliant. I’m fairly new to fishing and looked for my first equipment upgrade. I knew that I wanted these, I love the design and the finish. Now I have these they are great. Excellent feel when playing a fish as well as comfortable when casting. Great value for money. Sonik, I’m loving the range!

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    Graham Jones

    purchased two 12ft 3lb tc for myself and the spod and marker rod and have just recently brought two more for my wife fantastic rods at a very affordable price highly recommend

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    Purchased 2 10ft 3lb vader x rods so they would fit in my roof box when I went away in my caravan. Decided to take them to France as stalking rods. Me and a friend used 1 each as a 4th rod and caught fish to 65.5lb on them without any problems at all. For the price they are a superb little rod and I have found myself using them a lot more then I originally intended

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    Recently purchased 2 x 2.75lb TC rods to replace my old ABU 2.25lb rods and these rods are absolutely fantastic!
    Nice looking, feel great and handle the fish with a lovely action.
    Excellent value for money!!

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