Talks about the DOMINATORX fishing Lac Serriere

My last session in France was certainly one to remember with the Beast from the East being something I have never experienced in my Angling before. With temperatures hitting -7c and with a wind chill of -12 c my confidence was low for the session on Lac Serriere, but there was one good thing the driving wind kept the lake mostly ice free.

The fish were very tightly shoaled in an area where the sun was on the water plus they were on the back of a North Easterly wind. I watched the water for a few hours with my friend Simon and saw a couple of carp showing themselves, so this proved that even in these extreme conditions carp can show.

With this in mind my tactics were to use a small amount of 10mm Hybrid boiles for bait, plus a few coppens pellet and a few chopped 15 mm boilies. This bait was chosen paying particular heed to the bait that Lac Serriere put in the lake during the colder months. These were then put into a HD Microcat, on one side only to keep the carp interested. We also kept feeding the exact same spot by using marker elastic on each of the rods.  This ensured that even in the dark we were placing the rigs exactly right.

53lb 7oz caught in extreme conditions - Keith Williams, #TeamSonik

53lb 7oz caught in extreme conditions – Keith Williams, #TeamSonik

Rig wise I was using 25lb jelly wire with a super strong PB barbless hook.  This set up is exactly the same rig shown in Total Carp but without the hair fished pop up with a 15 mm boilie. The length of the rig was only 5 inches and this was connected to a PB hit and run clip with a 2.5 oz lead.

With regards Indication I wanted a sensitive set up and decided to use a quiver type indicator.  This meant as soon as the carp mouthed the bait I would be encouraged to strike as it looked like a full-on run.

During the trip I ended up with 4 carp.  The first was a 53 lb 7oz and all the others were good thirties, which just shows you they are catchable. The surprising thing was the takes were coming between the hours of midnight and 2am in the morning.  This certainly was a shock as the temperature was at this time way below freezing and in contrast I had been expecting to have the runs just before it got dark.

This session was a great way to christen my new rods- the Sonik 3.25 tc DOMINATORX and the 8000 reels loaded with PB controller 24lb line.  This trip has certainly changed my way of thinking about winter fishing and next year I will be on the bank in even in these colder conditions but the key is to definitely choose your location carefully.

Lac Serriere

Lac Serriere

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