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Talks about the SK-TEK Sleeping Bag and XTI Supadome

When winter arrives and all the summer anglers pack their gear away, and the carp decide to do a runner into the deepest nastiest snags or the thickest clingy weedbeds, why do I carry on carping?

Well there are various reasons, most of the time I get the lake to myself and not have to be sociable. Don’t get me wrong I like a chinwag as much as anyone, but I’m very comfortable with my own company and have no issue with sleeping alone in the deepest darkest woods in the middle of nowhere , I actually fish better when I’m alone, well I can tell myself off for not trying hard enough, or get away with casting like a novice etc, etc.


The carp put on their winter colours and are stunning,  and very hard to catch during their short feeding spells, and a winter carp that you’ve spent days freezing and alone to get is very special.

It’s a great time to get to know a new water, not so much about the possible targets that lurk in the said snags and weedbeds but you can get your marker rod or castable sonar out and map the water without disturbing other anglers. It’s also a great time to try out new rigs for aerodynamics etc.

Winter is also a fantastic period to try out new  products, on this session I’m using the new SK-TEK Sleeping Bag for the first time, I’m passionate about my carping, I get so afraid of missing a run, even on cold and windy nights I don’t close my XTI Supadome door or zip up the door side zip on my SK-TEK Sleeping Bag. Last night went below zero and the wind and rain didn’t stop, I was very pleased with the new bag, it kept me warm all night, I love the idea of the smooth nylon on the bottom that allows you to move around, aided by the top and bottom sleeves and centre strap preventing the whole bag from moving,  whilst the top is fleeced for extra warmth, with the last 6 inches under your chin made from the smooth nylon again which in my case prevents my beard from snagging on the fleece.


“I’m a great believer that if you eat well and sleep well on a session you will work harder and reap the rewards.”


Now the SK-TEK Sleeping Bag is not classed as an all season sleeping bag hence the addition of the Thermal Bed Cover to the SK-TEK range,  but even at zero I didn’t use mine, however I’m sure if it got any colder the added warmth would have been appreciated, I’ll certainly be taking it to France in the summer to throw over me if required on a warm mozzy ridden night and use it instead of the sleeping bag.

I’m a great believer that if you eat well and sleep well on a session you will work harder and reap the rewards, so any products that help me eat or rest well are a must for me, the SK-TEK Sleeping Bag ticked all the boxes and then some and at a fraction of the price of some others out there.

Next time you fancy a quick overnight session in winter and your loved one says “But darling it’s cold outside” grab your SONIK gear and get on the bank… Just not my bank!

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