Make sure you have plenty of space

Carefully remove the contents of the bag

Unfold your SK-TEK Bivvy

Once fully unfolded…

Open both door zips

Ready to connect the poles

Join the poles together

Attach tension strap

Shorten tension strap

Zip up the doors

Make sure both doors are zipped closed

Ensure rib goes inside the webbing

Place the rib fully inside webbing

Rear pole spike

Place the rear pole spike in bivvy housing

Rear spike / housing in position

Tighten the rear pole

Place the middle tension bar through webbing

Tighten the middle tension bar

Middle tension bar in position

Place peak pole into right side slots

Place peak pole into left side slots

Attach peak tension bar

Pull the peak tension bar tight

Start to peg from rear working forward

Ensure pegs are firmly in the ground


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