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The HEROX Spod Reel is a very stylish, robust reel, designed specifically for spodding. It comes with a shallow spool which has been pre-loaded with 200m of Hypa-Viz 30lb braid. Manufactured to high specification and featuring an ultra-smooth wormshaft transmission. Our Heli Coil gearing provides ultra-flat line bed for smooth casting performance and impeccable line lay. Constructed from lightweight graphite; the body and rotor incorporate a floating rotor line guard, which helps to prevent any tangles. The sleek, matt black finish, black CNC anodised aluminium handle with dark wood barrel oozes quality. The spool is fitted with two high-impact, E-Z entry spring loaded captive line clips that will help with accuracy when casting at distance. Other features include 5 + 1 ball bearings, a gear ratio of 4.6:1 and an oversized twist free line roller. Fitted with a large cranking handle and grip, each rotation retrieves 1.10m of braid, making spodding at range comfortable. We recommend the use of an additional shock leader (50-60lb) when spodding at distance.

  • ‘Quick-Torque’ drag system
  • Supplied ready loaded with 200m 30lb Hypa-Viz braid
  • Retrieve 4.6:1, up to 1.10m of line per turn of handle
  • Wormshaft gear system
  • Heli Coil ultra-flat line lay
  • Floating rotor line guard
  • Twin, E-Z-Entry spring-loaded captive line clips
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Sleek matt black finish
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Oversized twist free line roller
  • Gear Ratio 4.6:1
  • 5 + 1 Ball bearings
  • Micro line lay adjustment washers
  • Matt black anodised aluminium handle with dark wood barrel

Weight – _599g
Drag Power – 18kg
Retrieve up to 1.10m per turn
0.20/200 0.30/300

Featuring a

Worm Shaft Transmission

Worm shaft transmission system – so what is it?

Worm shaft transmission is basically a worm-drive gear system which in a fishing reel is a type of gear mechanism used to transfer rotational motion from the reel handle to the spool, which holds the line.

In a worm drive gear system, a worm gear is typically used to turn a larger gear, often referred to as the main gear or drive gear. The worm gear resembles a screw, with a spiral thread that meshes with the teeth of the larger gear. This configuration provides high gear reduction, meaning that for each turn of the reel handle, the spool rotates only a fraction of a full revolution. This allows for precise control over line retrieval speed and provides the necessary power to reel in large fish.

Worm drive gear systems are commonly found in baitcasting and heavy-duty big game reels. For carp anglers, a worm drive gear system provides increased torque, control and exceptional line lay. It also gives a very smooth operation and is less prone to back play compared to other gear systems, providing extra reliability and performance in challenging fishing conditions. Normally found on reels costing over £100, to have this feature on a reel at this price point is remarkable!


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