STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICKS are available in five different sizes starting at 9” (23cm) through to 36” (92cm). They are manufactured from strong, light, chunky 16/19mm high-grade aluminium and finished with a superior quality black anodised finish.

Each of the five different lengths in the range has a Camlock lever adjustment, which is easy to disengage and engage and locks the inner telescopic section securely in place at the required height. They all feature solid points to deal with the toughest terrain. Designed to be compatible with other items in the Stanz range, including Stanz Buzz Bars and Stanz Rubber Rod Grips.

Code:: HC0024 Description: STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICK 9″ (23cm)
Code:: HC0025 Description: STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICK 12″ (30cm)
Code:: HC0026 Description: STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICK 18″ (46cm)
Code:: HC0027 Description: STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICK 24″ (60cm)
Code:: HC0028 Description: STANZ CAMLOCK BANKSTICK 36″ (92cm)

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  • Strong + light, high-grade aluminium
  • Superior quality black anodised finish
  • Chunky 16/19mm construction
  • Camlock lever adjustment


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