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With the increase in popularity of short, retractable butt carp rods, the new XTRACTOR carp rods fill a real gap in the market for affordable top-quality rods that are easy to transport due to their short pack down lengths. Two 9’ models and two 10’ models with test curves ranging from 2.75lb to 3.5lb make up the range, with pack down lengths of 44” and 50”. The super-slim matt black, part-telescopic carbon fibre blanks have plenty of reserve power in the butt section and a fast tip recovery to give surprising performance whether casting or playing large fish close in or at range.

Lightweight black M-Series DL guides with anti-frap tip, 17mm DPS reel seat, Japanese shrink wrap handle, custom line clip and a black anodised butt cap, laser etched with ‘S’ logo completes a top-quality specification. Ideal matched with the custom Sonik Xtractor rod sleeves, which are available in 9′ and 10′ lengths and can be easily connected for safe, effective transportation.


  • Slim, silk matt black carbon fibre blank with progressive power action
  • Super-light M-SERIES DL black guides
  • Hard wearing Anti-frap ceramic tip ring
  • Large ID 40mm to 12mm ringing pattern
  • 17mm black DPS reel seat to house all reels
  • Line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip
  • Slim Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Black anodised butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo
  • 6ft transport length 74cm (29”)
  • 9ft transport length 113cm (44“)
  • 10ft transport length 127cm (50”)
Code SXRCR006 Description: XTRACTOR CARP ROD 6’ 3.00LB RRP £49.99
Code SXRCR010 Description: XTRACTOR CARP ROD 9’ 2.75LB RRP £59.99
Code SXRCR020 Description: XTRACTOR CARP ROD 9’ 3.00LB RRP £59.99
Code SXRCR030 Description: XTRACTOR CARP ROD 10’ 3.25LB RRP £69.99
Code SXRCR040 Description: XTRACTOR CARP ROD 10’ 3.50LB RRP £69.99
Code SXRCR050 Description: XTRACTOR SPOD ROD 10’ 4.50LB RRP £69.99

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  1. James logan

    Great rods!! I was looking for a new pair of rods which would be easier to transport. I was very surprised with the quality.what a bargain!! Much cheaper than similar items with ballooned price tags. Cannot recommend these rods enough!! Plus they look cracking on the bank. Big thumbs up sonik!!

  2. Carl Preston

    Absolute cracking rods I’ve had telescopic rods from. Other brands saw theses sold my last ones and am not disappointed at all there well made and soniks customer service is very good

  3. Orhan YILDIZ

    I bought a 10 ‘3.5 lb. I can say it looks perfect. Cases are beautifully designed. I’m curious about the action of the rods.
    Congratulations Sonik for your excellent work.

  4. Graham Parradine

    i have recently bought the new Sonik SK-TEK bite alarms , ruckbag and 3 of the 10ft 3,25 TC Extractor rods and may i say each product is top notch very very happy with all of these great quality and even greater pricing unlike other over priced brands which i wont mention one small thing id mention is the rod skins for these should have a shoulder strap attachment added maybe one for next years brilliant range

  5. henrik lindh

    what a rod! and for this price you dont get a better deal. slim and still have power to handle big fish and distance. i did get my rods at 3.50 lb and the can for sure handle ebro and even s small lake

  6. Mark Jenner

    I own 3x xtractors in 9ft 3lb tc I was saving for the scopes in similar but when they soniks came in stock . I stood there for an hour comparing the two . Build wise they are very much the same thou have heard of so many Nash ones snapping , sonik also cover you with a warranty not sure if Nash do ? Then I went on to feel the action was pretty much the same as you would expect from two 3lb tc rods so not much to choose from …… then there was the price £179 for three xtractors or £170 for one scope !!! This made it clear I was expecting something special from the scopes so what was I missing ??? Bare truth I was not missing much bar finer detail which does not make a rod more than the other . So opted for the xtractors and not looked back since .

  7. Alex

    9ft 3lb absolutely fantastic bit of kit ! So pleased with the performance looks and quality absolute must buy !

  8. Bob Thoms

    Just bought a pair of 10 ft extractor 31\4 31\2 test used one one Thursday had a low double what a great rod also got 2Sonik 6000 reels to go with them a great carp set up .I can’t see me using my 12ft again when I come back from France in 2 weeks time..Just eating for my rod sleeves to come into Bailey’s of Warwick .I would like a Sonik polo shirt and tee shirt if you sell them😁

  9. Liam r

    Very good rods. I have the 9ft 3lb and they have great action when playing fish . Also casting is extremely good I can cast the same distance and accuracy as my 12ft 3lb Vader X .

  10. aaron

    The blank action on the xtractor’s is amazing, had 3 twenty’s out the last few weeks with my 10 ft 3.25s think I’ll be selling my scopes now!

  11. Thomas Oconnell

    I had the nash dwarf rods to start was saving for the scope but then seen that sonik where bring out some nice 10ft so got some of them they look the part and r a nice fit in the hand I can cast them further than the dwarf witch is 120 yards 3oz lead very nicely the only thing I would say is now I am stuck with a 10ft 4.½ tc dwarf spod rod and I dont look the same so please can you make one

  12. Mr Gavin Bunce

    I have 2 9ft 3lb xtractors and have the dominator x 6000 rs reels and they are wicked have caught many fish with these I’m now in the hunt for 2 6ft models aswell

  13. Andy Venn

    I have been lucky enough to win a set of three of these amazing rods along with three 600rs reels to. Perfect set up for small to medium lakes especialy suited to urban style carp fishing where space on a canal side is paramount. The playing action on these rods has to be seen to be belived it is something else. The rods a well built slim blanf with a full duplon handel complete with 50mm but rings and high standard rings through out the rod.
    I would have bought these had i not won them.

  14. Spencer law

    These rods are faultless and at the price you can have as many as you like 😂

  15. Mark Brotherston

    Fantastic rods,I fish a small intimate local water of around 4 acres and these rods are perfect.They pack down to such a small size yet are strong and robust enough to cope with very large carp.

  16. Jay

    Brought 2 9ft 3lb and 2 xtractor 5000 reels, initially for the smaller waters I fish and for a set of extra rods for when my son tags along, but I honestly prefer these to my 12ft rods I have a pair of 12ft vader x rs rods and they hold their own against them, not tested casting more then about 50 or 60 yards yet but had no probs with those distances, look very good with the matching reels and rod sleeves and very good quality, will defo be buying a set of the 10ft 3.5lbs as well

  17. chris m

    Well what can I say that already hasn’t been said about these rods. A friend of mine recommended them to me as I was looking for a new set of 10 FTS after trying the Diawa black widows and being disappointed with them I was a little worried .
    Well I don’t need to worry as when they turned up the quality looked and felt amazing and way above the price I paid I also got the 4.5lb spod rod which has a very stiff action I’m sure this will put a spod or spomb accurate at range time and time again .
    Thank you sonik

  18. sammy mcspadden

    i use my 6fts for everything love them even have one as a mini spomb rod been using them for a year now perfect with the xtractor 5000 reels making it my go to combo

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